Published On: 2023-01-24

Why a Guarantee in Pest Control is Never Guaranteed

Pest control is tricky.

It’s not like most trades where there are simple, hard facts, standard operating procedures, and absolutes.

Think about a plumber. Plumbers can identify the problem with near certainty, know exactly what to do, and repair the issue in straightforward and predictable (though not always easy) ways.

Pest control, on the other hand, deals with animals. Animals with brains. Animals with emotions, personalities, and quirks that make them all different from one another. One mouse might like peanut butter more than anything in the world, while another might prefer chocolate. One gopher might never poke his head above ground, while another might be more worried about finding a mate than not getting eaten by a hawk, and run around outside all day. A skunk might be on edge from having a bad day and spray you on sight, or it might be accustomed to humans and completely ignore you.

Drain Monster

The animals are actively working against the pest controller to keep themselves alive and in their homes with all of the effort and creativity that comes from the desperation to survive. Can you imagine a hair clog actively battling a plumber? Plumbers might charge a bit more!

These complexities and variations make pest control a very unique industry. It is difficult to have any standard operating procedures in pest control. Every situation requires a fresh perspective and an open mind. If you begin solving a pest problem knowing exactly what to do and how to do it, you’re doing something wrong.

A plumber is able to offer a true guarantee on their service. They can honestly tell you, “I am very experienced. I know that this repair is going to work and you won’t need to deal with this again.” You can rely on their experience, and the plumber can rely on the durability of the materials they use.

A pest control company, however, cannot 100% guarantee their methods will work. They can’t know for sure that the mice won’t chew another hole through the wall in a brand new place. They can’t guarantee you won’t bring more cockroaches back from your cousin’s house. They can’t be sure that the voles will eat the poison instead of the grass right in front of them.

All a pest control company can do is say, “We are very experienced. We have done all that we can to eliminate this problem and prevent this issue in the future. However, if it happens again, please call us and we will return to try our best to solve the problem.”

Take advantage of this warranty! Don’t feel bad. They expect it.

Don’t lose your trust in the company because it didn’t work the first time. It happens. The company should be more than happy to return to help you. If they aren’t, then it might be time to find a new company.

Find a great pest control company that offers a long warranty and take advantage of it when the time comes, even if it’s not really a guarantee.

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