Service summary: 

  • A Grove technician will come to your home and perform a thorough inspection of all living areas.

  • Many bed bugs will be manually removed via vacuum or by hand.

  • A non-toxic biopesticide will be used to treat areas where bed bugs may be present.

  • Four weeks later, the technician will return to inspect again. If bed bugs are still suspected to be present, a retreatment will be done at no additional cost.

Bed Bugs

Bed bug Information and Control

The stuff of nightmares, bed bugs are blood-sucking insects which cause more mental damage than physical. While they only leave small bites, not unlike mosquitos, they can cause serious anxiety and stress. Knowing they are in your bed, but not knowing where, can drive you crazy!

Bed bugs are not particularly common, but they can be anywhere! They don’t just live on beds. They are excellent hitchhikers. They like to attach themselves and lay their eggs on backpacks, luggage, jackets, electronics, and obviously furniture. They are not only found in sketchy hostels! They are also commonly found on buses, airplanes, movie theatre seats, and in hotels. Cleanliness does not guarantee there are no bed bugs!


Bed bugs are NOT a ‘do-it-yourself’ kind of issue. Ants… ok, mice… sure, but not bed bugs. Bed bugs can easily be spread and pushed around the house by ineffective DIY attempts.

That spray can you got from the hardware store? Don’t even think about it!

You might kill some bed bugs that you spray directly, but the ones you missed are now going to be in your nightstand instead. If you spray them there, then they’re in your dresser. Now you have to deal with them all over the room, not just one place.

Just pick up the phone and call a professional. You will save yourself so much time and stress.

Bed bug eggs are extremely resistant to pesticides, so whatever control program you use, make sure there is a follow-up treatment or that a long-lasting residual pesticide is used to ensure any freshly hatched bed bugs are still exterminated.

The Grove Difference

At Grove eco-friendly pest control, we use a wonderful product called Aprehend for bed bug control. Aprehend is a revolutionary fungal biopesticide with a long residual effect. We create barriers of the product in strategic locations around the room. When bed bugs cross the barrier, they pick up the Aprehend spores and die of the fungal disease in 3-7 days. This delay is intentional! It allows the bed bugs to bring the fungal spores back to the harborage and spread the disease around to other bugs.

The long residual effect of Aprehend ensures that any new bed bugs that hatch are affected as well as any bed bugs that may have been inactive deep in the wall, or even from an adjacent unit.

Another benefit of Aprehend is that very little preparation is involved. If you have had treatment for bed bugs before, you know that there is a LOT of work involved. With Aprehend, we still recommend washing regularly used clothes and all bedding, but it doesn’t require tearing apart all of your furniture and cleaning every little thing. You can trust in the residual power of Aprehend!


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