The Grove Difference

Grove Eco-friendly Pest Control focuses on the humane treatment of all wildlife and safe, eco-friendly treatments for insect control.

We are certified and trained through national and provincial associations including the Environmental Protection Act in Alberta, the Canadian Pest Management Association, the Pest Management Association of Alberta, the National Pest Management Association in the USA, and the National Wildlife Control Operators Association in the USA.

We do not use harmful rodenticides or toxic chemical insecticides in your home. Your pets and family are safe with Grove!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does pest control cost in Calgary?

  • The price for pest control depends entirely on the pest that needs to be controlled! At Grove Eco-friendly Pest Control, you can be sure that you are getting a fair price for whatever service you need. 

Is pest control good for the home?

  • Preventative pest control is a great idea to keep unwanted pests out of the house in the first place, before it becomes an issue. There are no permanent effects on the structure. Some of our services do include permanent control measures which can increase the value of your home!

What pest is most damaging to a house?

  • In Calgary, carpenter ants and woodpeckers generally cause the most structural damage, though squirrels and mice can cause a fair amount of damage as well! However, some of the most expensive issues I’ve seen come from horrible cockroach and bed bug infestations, which require serious remediation inside the house. 

What is the hardest pest to get rid of?

  • Cockroaches are the hardest pest to fully eliminate in a home. They are elusive and can survive for long periods of time without a food source. They also multiply very quickly. Grove Eco-friendly Pest Control has the best products and experience for solving cockroach issues in Calgary. Bed bugs are a close runner-up!

How toxic is pest control?

  • The toxicity for pest control depends entirely on the products being used and the pests involved. In general, all pesticides in Canada are relatively safe, as Health Canada regulates the products we use very carefully. Many products available in the USA are not allowed in Canada! However, pesticide products should still be applied carefully and correctly by a licensed pest control technician. At Grove, all of our technicians are licensed and only apply pesticides if required and in the safest ways possible. 

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