The rodents of concern in Calgary are mice, voles, pocket gophers, ground squirrels, and tree squirrels. Many of these rodents can cause significant property damage or even spread diseases.

There are many ways to remove rodents from our property, but some are far worse than others. At Grove, we always use the most humane methods possible. We are strictly against the use of glue traps!

Did you know that the live trap and relocation of rodents is not humane? Rodents are social animals and it is extremely stressful to move them away from their groups. They will not know where to find food, water, shelter, or protection from predators. Many rodents rely on a food cache that they have accumulated to survive the winter. Grove Eco-friendly Pest Control takes all of these factors and many more into account when making decisions on how to solve rodent issues on your property.


Common house mice have evolved to live alongside humans and are therefore very well suited to live in our homes and get into our food. Mice are primarily nocturnal, though they can come out during the day. They are fast, good climbers, swimmers, and can even jump as high as twelve inches! This gives them free access to almost anywhere in the house once they have entered.


Voles are very difficult to eliminate from our yards permanently. Trapping can help to reduce the population quickly, but voles become trap-shy and will not be lured into a trap if the conditions aren’t just right. Most pest control companies use second-generation anticoagulants in bait stations around the yard to poison the voles.

Pocket Gopher

The Northern Pocket Gopher (Thomomys talpoides) is a true gopher, as opposed to the ground squirrels that we usually call gophers. They live almost their entire life underground. It would be a very rare sight to see a pocket gopher running around!

Ground Squirrel

The Calgary area has a few different ground squirrel species, but the only major pest is the Richardson’s Ground Squirrel. This is what you probably know as a gopher. They are usually a gold/light brown or light grey color, about 20-25 cm in length. They sure are cute! Unfortunately, they cause a lot of damage.

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