About Us

Grove Eco-friendly Pest Control was founded in Calgary, Alberta by me, Erik Johnson, in 2022. I founded Grove in response to not only my own, but also my clients’, feelings towards the inhumane methods of traditional pest control.

While working for traditional pest control companies, I witnessed countless tragedies. I regularly found mice stuck to glue boards, still alive, struggling to escape – terrified, thirsty, and in pain. I saw dead mice out in the open, with their stomachs full of rodenticide, waiting to be a snack for an owl, bobcat, or even someone’s pet. I saw many technicians bending or completely ignoring the rules for the use of toxic pesticides, causing damage to the surrounding environment.

Grove aims to change the public perception of the pest control industry. We strive to show our clients and others in the pest control industry new methods to increase humaneness and environmental protection by raising standards and leading by example.

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