Service summary: 

  • A Grove technician will come to assess the severity of the spider issue.

  • Webs will be removed and spider repellant will be applied to the house.

  • Depending on the time of year, a follow-up service may be required.


Spider Information and Control

Eight legs and hair?

Nothing else creeps people out quite like spiders.

​Everyone knows they are beneficial. Everyone knows they are great pest controllers and they are almost all completely harmless, yet they are often a source of uncontrollable fear.

At Grove, we don’t enjoy removing our fellow pest control friends, but we understand there is a limit to what can be tolerated in and around the home. Besides creeping people out, spiders also leave unsightly webs around the home that can collect insects and dirt.


Many pest control companies will spray the outside of the house with liquid insecticides that inevitably drift away and can contaminate nearby bodies of water, kill bees and other insects, or go into the neighbours yard where the kids play.

At Grove Eco-friendly Pest Control, we are spider control experts. We identify the spider harborages and remove the webs and some spiders manually. We also apply diatomaceous earth in key areas where many spiders hang out.

​Note* This service does not kill all of the spiders! We cannot offer a guarantee for our spider service, but for good reason. You don’t want to kill every spider on your house! Spiders are a very important method of controlling other pests. It’s good to have a few around, and they are rarely even noticed when there aren’t many. 


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