Service Summary:

Skunk trapping

  • A Grove technician will come to your home to provide a quote for skunk eviction and exclusion.

  • The technician will evict the skunk from the den, provided there are no babies.

  • The burrow will be blocked off with exclusion material, preventing the skunk from returning.

Skunk Info

What’s that smell?


Skunks love our city as much as we do. They have so many great places to hide! Our front steps and patios make for wonderful homes. They feel secure, warm, and they love prowling the nearby alleys for yummy garbage treats!

They are very cute creatures, but their smell is unbearable. They just do not make good neighbours.


We only have striped skunks (Mephitis mephitis) in Alberta. They are nocturnal creatures, very rarely coming out during the day (you might see them very early in the morning when it’s still bright out, though). They are omnivorous, meaning they will eat just about anything! They love human food, so be sure to keep your trash secured.

Skunks contain a scent gland near their anus containing a yellowish, oily liquid which they can discharge as far as four to five meters away! Before spraying, they give a warning by stomping their feet and raising their tail. Take this warning seriously! They do not want to spray you, and will often retreat without spraying.

The skunk spray has a very potent, well-known smell which attaches to clothing and hair extremely well. This smell really lingers! To read more about how to remove the skunk smell, check out this blog post.


Most pest control companies provide trap and release services for controlling skunks. This might seem like a good idea, but skunks struggle when relocated to a brand new area. They don’t know where to hide to protect themselves from predators, they don’t know where to find food, and they may encroach on another skunks’ territory, causing a great deal of stress. The chances of survival after relocation are very low. Also, most pest control companies simply release skunks outside of the city on someone else’s territory, creating a new problem for someone else!

So how do I get rid of skunks?

There are three options:


The best option is exclusion. We first must evict the skunk using either a one-way door so it can exit but not return. This can also be done with the aid of ammonia-soaked rags thrown into the burrow. They hate this smell and may vacate, at least temporarily. Leaving bright lights on in the burrow can help, too. The skunks should have other burrows nearby to move in to. Once all of the skunks have vacated, permanent exclusion work can be done. Warning! The skunks may cause damage trying to get back in!


Trapping the skunk and moving it far away from its home. As stated above, this is not a good option. We can provide this service depending on the age of the skunk and the weather, but you should know that it is essentially a long, slow death sentence.

Humane dispatch

Humanely killing the skunk is the most humane method of control. There are quick, painless ways of dispatching trapped skunks. This ensures they do not return and do not cause anyone else any problems. It may seem cruel, but a quick, painless death is far better than many alternatives.

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