Service Summary:

  • A Grove technician will come out to your property to assess the problem and provide a quote.

  • Some cleaning of pigeon droppings will be done.

  • Spikes, deterrents, or netting will be installed for permanent pigeon control.

Pigeon Info and Control

Coo, coo!

Pigeons seem harmless at first. They don’t peck at our houses like woodpeckers, they don’t chew our walls like mice or squirrels, they don’t make nests in our vents like sparrows.

So maybe you leave them be. Let them hang out for a while. Then, through the magic of nature, there’s a few more pigeons. Pigeons attract other pigeons, as well! Then there are even more pigeons.

Eventually, you have a pigeon party on your roof. Every night. And every morning. Their cooing can get pretty annoying when there are a few pigeons around, and it is relentless.

Then you go outside and notice the pigeon droppings all over the side of your house. If you look up on the roof where they are perching, you will see even more. Pigeon droppings can carry diseases such as histoplasmosis. This can’t go on forever!

At Grove Eco-friendly Pest Control, we help eliminate the pigeon presence humanely via exclusion. We do not trap or kill any pigeons. We simply shoo them away, clean up the droppings, and install either spikes, visual deterrents, or netting to stop them from returning. These methods are harmless, the pigeons only need to fly off and find another place to hang out.

Give us a call today to assess the work required to control the pigeons around your home or business! At Grove Eco-friendly Pest Control we are your Calgary experts in pigeon control!


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