Published On: 2023-01-24

The Terror of Glue Traps

Glue traps… just $5 for a whole pack! That’s a cheap way to solve the mouse problem!

Well… not only will they not solve the problem, they are extremely inhumane.

Glue trap for mouse control

Nobody wants to spend a bunch of money to get rid of mice. I get it. Besides, mice are not usually considered a cute and cuddly creature. We tend to categorize them differently from other animals due to their destructive behaviour. But glue traps are not the way to get rid of them.


Do mice feel pain?

Yes! Absolutely.

Mice feel fear, pain, anxiety, stress, relief, and pleasure just like the rest of us. Scientists use mice as models for researching human brains and behaviour for that reason. And mice aren’t the only animals you will find on a glue trap. Glue traps catch birds, frogs, snakes, and many other animals undeserving of the suffering glue traps cause.

**Skip this paragraph if you don’t want to read the gory details** Glue traps do not kill. They only trap the animal. Their feet get stuck, and when they try to struggle, their fur gets stuck. The more they try to escape, the more stuck they get, until they can’t even move their heads. If they’re lucky, they will die of suffocation after a few minutes. More likely, they will stay trapped in extreme pain while their fur is pulled out for hours, maybe days, before they eventually die of dehydration. ***

That is not OK.

We need to do better than that.

Glue traps are also less effective than other methods. Some mice will tend to avoid them. You might get a few, but not all of them. The mice which are caught on the traps will also spread disease more easily through their exposed blood and droppings.


How to remove mice from a glue trap

If you see a mouse stuck on a glue trap, you can help it! Grab a pair of thick gloves and a bottle of cooking oil. Rub the oil around the base of the mouse and work it back and forth, slowly pulling the fur away from the trap. Keep going until the mouse is free! Be careful not to drop it back in your house!


So what should you use instead of glue traps?

There are many alternatives to glue traps. Live trapping and release can be used, but is not necessarily humane. For more info on live trapping, check out our mouse control page on our website. Snap traps are usually the best solution for removing mice from a house. For more information on how to use snap traps to get rid of mice, check out my other blog post. The best option, though, is to just keep mice out of your home in the first place using exclusion! There are higher upfront costs, but you save yourself the stress and panic of dealing with mice and the damage they cause, and you don’t need to harm any mice!

For help with anything mouse or pest related, give us a call at Grove Eco-friendly Pest Control. We can help with exclusion, trapping, or any advice or consultation.

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